Friday, June 28, 2013

Changing of the Guard - Paleoecology Lab Management

As of August 2013 Teresa Krause will become lab manager at the Montana State University Paleoecology Lab. Teresa is working to finish her PhD dissertation, in which she investigates controls of ecosystem development during rapid environmental change, considering Yellowstone in the late-glacial and early Holocene periods.

Teresa Krause and Dave Firmage coring in winter. Brrrrrr!
Teresa is a scientist, educator and communicator extraordinaire. She has experience teaching at both high school and college levels. She is a fabulous person and brilliant paleoecological thinker who will serve the lab well. 

Teresa Krause!

Caitlyn Florentine is off to Missoula to start a PhD with Joel Harper and his glaciology research group. She will be studying glacial dynamics of the Greenland ice sheet and hopes to incorporate some Montana-based themes into her dissertation research as well.

For current surface mass balance of the Greenland Ice Sheet check out this Danish Meteorological Institute site.

Florentine is really gonna miss the gang and the good times with the Paleoecology bunch, but she knows she is leaving the lab in good hands. Go get 'em T!

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