Friday, January 22, 2016

Thoughts from a newcomer......

Observation through a new set of eyes is often a valued and unique experience.  We asked Chris Schiller, the newest member of the lab to jot down a few words about his first few weeks here at the MSU Paleoecology Lab.  

"I really ought to thank the folks in the lab since, while transitioning into Bozeman and MSU has had its complications, the lab has been more welcoming than I could have hoped for. Certainly 710 isn't at all like the foram and stream ecology labs I came from in South Dakota --some of the equipment could be used for making shoes, for all I know--, so at this point I hope to live up to the expectations in a lab that appears so well-organized, well-run, and staffed with great people.Thank you James, Cathy, and everyone else for setting me up with a place to work and getting me on the on the ground running!"   -Chris Schiller

Thanks Chris!  

Many of you out there may remember your first impression of the lab.  Feel free to share your memories in the comments area below.  

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